MIDNIGHT: Rebirth By Blasphemy

Rebirth By Blasphemy



BLACKENED SPEED METAL: The one word that describes the Cleveland “one-man band” Midnight is “raw.” Formed in 2003 by Athenar (aka Jamie Walters), Midnight unleashes its fourth full-length album entitled Rebirth by Blasphemy on Metal Blade Records. From the first notes of gritty opener “Fucking Speed and Darkness,” you know exactly what you’re going to get for the next 34 minutes—uncompromising, simplistic blackened speed metal in the Venom meets Motörhead variety. Athenar’s harsh barked vocals, in the spirit of Venom’s Cronos, is highlighted by memorable riffs and short, well constructed songs. Athenar also performs every instrument. The title track is by far the catchiest track on Rebirth by Blasphemy, with its anthemic, fist-pumping sing-along chorus. “Escape the Grave,” “Devil’s Excrement,” and “Warning from the Reaper” reaffirms Midnight’s Venom-esque formula perfectly, while the NWOBHM and 80s style metal influences rears its ugly head on tracks like “Rising Scum” and album closer “You Can Drag Me Through Fire.” With a raw and gritty production, catchy riffs, and strong songwriting, Rebirth by Blasphemy is a fun way to spend 34 minutes. ~ Kelley Simms