MODERN METAL: Exorcism is the debut full-length album from Canadian modern metal band Living Dead Girl. Fans of Stitched Up Heart, Madam Mayhem, September Mourning, and In This Moment will feel right at home with what Living Dead Girl is serving up on its 11 contemporary metal anthems. Band founder/vocalist Molly Rennick’s amazing vocal range seamlessly fluctuates between taunting, high-pitched croons to menacing, harsh barks to haunting growls with relative ease.

Opener “Alive,” about being sick of day-to-day life and having the desire to break free from it all, shows a lot of musical diversity within its modern metal/metalcore/industrial framework. Loaded with various samples, heavy downtuned, djenty riffs, soaring vocal harmonies, and an anthemic chorus, its vibe is a good start to the album and a good indicator of what Rennick has up her sleeve for the rest of the album. The fairytale-esque “Villain” is one of the most catchiest tracks on the album, decorated with taunting, sultry vocals and an infectious pop chorus, which steers into fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne territory. “Beautiful” and the title track also follow a similar musical pattern while adding enough catchiness to keep things interesting. In addition, the industrial overtones of the anthemic “Worship Me” and “Dirty Liar” adds to the album’s diverse musical appeal.

Minor gripes would have to be the overly sampled sounds, which can be a bit overkill at times. Also, although more modern artists these days are using programmed drums, the digital sounding snare drum glaringly gives it away. Produced by critically acclaimed producer Mitchell Marlow (Papa Roach, In This Moment, All That Remains), Exorcism is a raucous debut album from Living Dead Girl and a good sign of things to come from this young powerhouse of a singer. ~ Kelley Simms