I PREVAIL: True Power

True Power



MULTI-GENRE EMPOWERMENT: When looking at bands that have carved a self-made path, one of the most noteworthy bands in the rock industry, I Prevail, has proven themselves with their genre defying sound. From their compelling 2014 Heart vs. Mind EP, 2016’s debut album Lifelines, to their 2019 inventive release, Trauma, I Prevail has blazed a trail forward, which continues on their commanding new release, True Power

True Power starts this energetic roller coaster with an ethereal intro and corkscrews into a diabolical track, “There’s Fear in Letting Go.” Full of hefty atmospheric dominance and intense guitar riffs, I Prevail shows an engaging strain of confidence from the gate as we enter the rest of the record. 

Other songs that stand out are “Bodybag,” “Self Destruction,” and “Bad Things.” True Power is a record about personal empowerment and taking it back, with heaviness, candor, melodicism, and unabashed boldness early on the record, bringing this forward in full force. 

I Prevail has always maintained and succeeded in the art of sudden impacts between tracks. The best representation of this is the main headliner, “FWYTYK.” Delivering a crushing tidal wave of atmospheric bliss, agitated screams, massive drums, and distorted guitars, I Prevail spares no expense, proving they are now on another level. 

True Power is a beautiful listening experience that holds dynamics at a high value, and towards the end of the album, the vibes change again with the subdued number “Closure.” Instead of the lively energy we got previously with “Long Live the King” and “Choke,” “Closure” is a welcomed mellow palate cleanser. Other hysteric thrillers, such as “Visceral,” provide a little gas to get us towards the end of the record for the emotionally driven finale, “Doomed.” Introspective and moving, the album comes to a phenomenal close. 

Throughout the record, genre changes happen instantaneously, but it doesn’t disrupt the flow of True Power. As a band that works with all types of genres in one sitting, sometimes within one song, this is common nature for an I Prevail record. Through a varied raw vocal presence, veracious lyricism, and genius attention to detail within their genre soundscapes, True Power is not just about taking control back, multi-genre kings I Prevail has proudly found it again within this new release. ~ Sammie Star