White Bat



METAL INJECTED SOUTHERN ROCK: For how many years He Is Legend has been around, the band is still surprisingly underrated and under the radar. The quartet’s latest outing and sixth studio album—along with the impressive tours they’ve recently landed—should definitely change all of that. White Bat is a powerhouse collection. It’s one of those records that gives you banger after banger, and still manages to keep things fresh and exciting throughout its entire run. The opening title track, “White Bat,” is a perfect introduction, emanating chaos within strangled melody, and hell, if that closing breakdown doesn’t pump your adrenaline sky high then nothing will. Really, the only track on White Bat that doesn’t make as strong of an impact as the other songs is “When the Woods Were Young,” and there’s still absolutely nothing negative to say about it. Tracks like “Burn All Your Rock Records” and “Bent” capture that grind-worthy, Southern croon He Is Legend is known for, while the closing track, “Boogiewoman,” seems to smack you over the head with it. White Bat has a lot to offer, all of which is incredibly satisfying. If you still don’t know He Is Legend, now is a good time to find out with White Bat and undoubtedly to turn your life around for the better. ~ Nathaniel Lay