Exclusive Track by Track and Full Album Stream of WEATHERWORN’s Postcards


Postcards is the sophomore LP from Weatherworn, who hails from Fairfax, VA. The album is out June 4 and features AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer) on one track (“Jets To Muncy”).

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Track by Track:

1.     “Debt. Error. Action. Display”
“Every action has its consequence; whether it’s positive or negative, big or small. This song is a roll call for dire, self-reflection.”

2.     “Last Rites”
Anxiety can run high when standing at the bottom of a pitfall. ‘Last Rites’ is a signal for help while facing the unknown.”

3.     “You Had Me at Hello”
”Love and vulnerability, when combined, creates an intense thing… anticipation, excitement, fear, worry, joy, you name it… until it all hit at once. ‘You Had Me at Hello’ is about meeting that special someone who stops you dead in your tracks.”

4.     “Head in Hands”
“Go to school, get a job, work for a wage; you’ll find happiness. What if happiness comes from the experience, not from obtaining the end-goal? What if you’re on path towards a promised outcome, only to realize that circumstances make it impossible to obtain? ‘Head in Hands’ describes a duality between a societal definition of ‘success’ versus ‘success’ that comes from happiness, experiences, and life purpose.”

5.     “Pigeon Holes”
“One of the toughest pills to swallow, is that you cannot help someone who does not want to help themselves. You can share past experiences and mistakes; you can paint the big picture of days. Part of growing comes from a person’s ability to recognize a need for change. This song addresses a feeling of helplessness that’s experienced when you’ve done all that you can do to protect someone else.”

6.     “Jets to Muncy”
“Tomorrow is not promised. This is an anthem dedicated to living life to its fullest, while also knowing when it is necessary to make sacrifices. Certain experiences can wait; you can’t bring back a loved one.”

7.     “Open Casket”
“Internal struggles can be projected in various ways. Acts of abandonment, recklessness, or substance abuse may very well translate to a want or need for help. ‘Open Casket’ encompasses a group’s feelings of guilt and heartache at a funeral for a friend. It represents the aftermath of cold shoulders and serves as a commitment to raising mental health awareness.”

8.     “The Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases”
“This song is dedicated to individuals who radiate altruism. The ability to dedicate oneself to the betterment of humanity is a gift that not all possess. Having heart comes with great reward. It also comes with exhaustion and a risk for burnout, especially when progress seems stagnant. Some of the greatest answers arrive when thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ ‘The Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases’ is an encouragement to trust instincts and to keep pushing forward. If you’re reading this, some of you may know who you are. Thank you for inspiring us. Your day-to-day efforts speak volumes.”

9.     “Postcards”
“Maintaining healthy relationships with significant others and family members is no easy task. We as people constantly change with age, as do our actions in response to priorities and stress. ‘Postcards’ capsulizes a fear of letting down loved ones, when absent from a given situation.

10.    “Admire the Quiet”
“‘Admire the Quiet’ is about recognizing and giving thanks to a support system. This song describes actions and encouragement of parents/family members throughout youth. Such support can develop into a lasting sense of security and strength into adulthood. This serves as a reminder that a piece of ‘home’ is carried with you, wherever you go.”

D. Bowers – Vocals
J. Lins – Guitar/Vocals
J. Esper – Bass
S. Stubbs – Lead Guitar