Exclusive Track by Track: Alternative Rock Outfit JUNRO’s New EP Matches

New England outfit Junro has set about crafting a dexterous blend of modern alternative rock, with elements of pop punk, post-hardcore, and indie shining through. The foundation of Junro’s unique, yet melodic tonal disposition is derived from the members’ varying musical backgrounds. This, married with the technically astute instrumentation and thoughtful lyricism, brings a thoughtful and engaging tone to latest track, “Stay Here Now.” Here, the band gives us an insight into each track on their Matches EP.

Matches EP is out now and is available to purchase HERE.


This is our old school song. Lots of meter changes, lots of weirdness, a chorus key change, bass solo, etc. It feels like a throwback from some of our older records but also, we think shows how much more maturely we can do this craziness now. The lyrics are about the weight of everything on me, but how it’s always my choice to pick it all up myself which I think is kind of reflected in the music too.

“Stay Here Now”

“Stay Here Now” is about hating where you are and trying to get out. I moved back to my home town a few years ago with my family and even though we came back on our terms and for our own reasons, it’s hard for me to feel successful living where I grew up. Somehow no matter how we’re living, I always have this feeling I’m a “townie” and I fall into the same group as the people who couldn’t or didn’t want to get out. The song is me trying to work through the fact I chose this and I have to be confident in the decision because I know it’s the right one even if I struggle with that confidence sometimes. 


From a songwriting perspective for the EP, “Matches” was the biggest struggle for us. When working with Andrew Groves (Arcane Roots) on the pre-production, we ended up having the most revisions for this track. So many, in fact, we ended up losing count after 20 demo versions. There were several parts of the original versions of the song that we thought were awesome that ultimately got scrapped to make the song as a whole flow a lot better. We were very skeptical, but in the end, the final version of the song turned out so good, that all of it was worth it.


I don’t often write songs about my wife, I think it’s too easy to go wrong in so many ways, but when I was exploring the tone of this track before vocals were on it, it was the only thing that fit. My wife and I were together for over a decade before we got married and this song is really reflecting on that time and that choice in retrospect. I think seeing where we are now it seems like we could’ve moved faster, but maybe it wouldn’t have worked if we didn’t do it all this way.  

Junro is:
Dave Nelson – Singer, Guitar
Dan Roelke – Bass
Matt Levesque – Drums

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