Exclusive Premiere: Former Prodigy and Pitchshifter Guitarist JIM DAVIES’ New Single and Lyric Video “The Bar Is Low”


“‘The Bar Is Low’ is a little tongue-in-cheek dig at how easily pleased I think we’ve all become. I often lie at night awake thinking ‘Do we really need another superhero film!? Is this new must watch gritty drama series everyone is banging on about really that good? Surely, music sounds better when not being played out of a phone?’ But that’s my problem, I’m seeking professional help.”

“I hope you like the song, give it 11 out of 10, tell all your friends it’s the best song ever, blast it on your…phone? And then instantly forget about it and move on to something else, that’s the spirit!


“PS. I came up with the idea for the superhero ‘Squidman’ in the video months before Squid Games arrived! It was pure coincidence, but why we’re on the subject, did you watch it? Wasn’t it great! (I didn’t want to like it, but i did)”

Prey Later is released on CD on Friday 19th November 2021 on Armalyte Industries. Davies’ second album is an accomplished cataclysm of dirty beats, massive hooks, and EDM stompers. Simultaneously cynical, sardonic, and undoubtedly crushing, Prey Later is the soundtrack to the chaos of now!

“I’m hugely proud of this album, feels like I’ve found exactly where I want to be musically. On my first solo album Headwars I covered quite a few styles as I’m into a wide range of music, but on Prey Later, I found myself naturally gravitating towards the more dirty industrial side, where I feel most at home!

“It was great to collaborate with industrial legends Empirion on a few tracks. We first met back in 1995 when they were the main support to Prodigy on the first tour I ever did with them, so it’s cool to be working together after god know how many years! It was also cool working with Bullet For My Valentine bass player Jamie Mathias on the track ‘The Killing Way,’ his vocals were incredible.

“Releasing the album through the cult Armalyte Industries label is something I’d been hoping to do for a while now; I feel their community of open-minded music fans are going to be quite receptive to the album, as well as being a nice home for me moving forward. Over all I think this album is a far more cohesive and honed collection of songs, with a few swerve balls thrown in here as always, I’ve enjoyed the whole process from start to finish so I’m very excited to get it out there and get cracking on the next one!”