Exclusive Track-By-Track: GHOSTWRECK’s New EP 1954

Having spent the last year working on their sophomore effort at Atrium Audio in Pennsylvania, upcoming EP, 1954 is another display of ambition from the band. Adding a distinctly more hardcore influence to their sound, the album is a conflation of Ghostwreck’s talents and ever-increasing chemistry, a vivid hybrid of heavy influences and deft execution. 1954 is set for release on December 9th, 2022.

We first heard the track and decided it need to be high energy. Originally, we had a difficult time trying to figure a subject to base the lyrics on, but James (vocals) eventually landed on the destruction of Tokyo through Godzilla’s perspective. Some of the guys in the band are into fiction, so they helped make sure none of the lyrics were out of place. This track was a blast to record and became title track for the EP.

This originally started out as an acoustic track – if you can believe it! We wanted a different take on how we construct our verses, while adding a catchy chorus. Lyrics are based around the myth of Medusa and it’s told from her perspective before she gets beheaded. We’ve gone back and forth on making this the main single for the EP vs “1954.”

“Wreck It”
This track is based off the roller coaster of thoughts you have when a relationship goes sour. The vocals mirror the instruments in pacing by being low energy during the verse, scaling it up to a high energy chorus and keeping it strong with a breakdown-type of bridge. We filmed the video for this during a party at our bassist’s house and it was a blast. To see our friends, family and everyone’s real reactions to hearing the song was very uplifting for us.

This song was a bit of a Frankenstein. Riffs that never really had a home finally found their way together on this track. During the recording sessions at Atrium Audio, this song was altered the most to help bring it all together and make it coherent. A brand new chorus was added at the very last minute and we loved it. The track is about learning the true nature of a person and just being let down. It happens to us all at some point in our lives and we wanted to touch our experiences with it.

“215th PL”
Deals with being torn between a choice you just can’t make. This track has a very different feel to it versus the others on the E.P. Using ambient verses and adding a hard rock feel during the louder moments, the track really came natural to us. It was a fun track to make. 

“O.F.M. (Old Fashion Murder)”
The song title was actually a name we considered for the project before ultimately landing on Ghostwreck. It’s a straight forward, no frills type of song with high intensity. It was one of the first tracks we wrote as a group, but we shelved it until now. Lyrically based in Viking mythology, the best death one can hope for is being outnumbered, dying on your feet and finding a place in the afterlife.