Matt Heafy of Trivium Chooses His Top 5 Scariest Bands In Metal

Photograph by Jeremy Saffer

We caught up with Trivium front man and metal aficionado Matt Heafy just before their headlining set at the 14th annual Rock and Shock (A horror convention and concert) in Worcester, MA to ask him who would make his list for his top 5 scariest bands. Check out his choices below along with songs or videos from each of his picks.


The fact that no one knows what they look like, that they don’t play shows, and their entire presentation is shrouded in mystery, I feel that makes the terrifying sounds of Deathspell Omega all the more scary. The music is oppressive, haunting, and gripping. Enjoy.

Check out the song Abscission by Deathspell Omega


If a horror movie was set to black metal, it would be Altar of Plagues. Jarring, gripping, unrelenting—wonderful.

Check out the video for God Alone by Altar of Plagues


The old, grim, bloody history of Mayhem is one of legend. Suicide, brains eaten, skull necklaces—and that’s the real stuff that actually happened! Mayhem is one of the originators of black metal, and they did it so damn right.

Check out the classic track Deathcrush by the legendary Mayhem 


Behemoth is one of the bands that pair music and visuals so perfectly. The last two albums have seen a re-imagination of what Behemoth is. Their live imagery and music videos are as visually shocking and epic as the music.

Check out the new video for Bartzabel by Behemoth


Rammstein is the king of dark imagery. Read the lyrics to “Mein Teil” or “Weisses Fleisch,” watch the videos to “Du Riechst So Gut” or “Ich Will,” experience the phenomenon that is their dystopian fiery live show. No one does visuals better than Rammstein.

Check out the video for Du Riechst So Gut by Rammstein

Check out Trivium’s latest video for “The Wretchedness Inside,” from their eigth studio album, The Sin and The Sentence, available now on Roadrunner Records. Get the album now: