Exclusive Premiere: BOY BECOMES HERO’s New Album Escape Artist


Boy Becomes Hero is a post-hardcore outfit from Michigan created by Andrew Brittingham (multi-instrumentalist, vocalist) that delivers thrashing anthems and melodic breakdowns. Boy Becomes Hero, with a partnership with To Write Love On Her Arms, is dedicated to creating a musical experience across the post-hardcore scene while raising awareness for depression, self-harm, addiction and suicide.

“All of us that put our hearts and souls into this album are incredibly excited for listeners to hear Escape Artist! Our biggest goal for this record is for everyone listening, who is struggling to any capacity, is able to grasp HOPE again. Life is a lot like Escape Artist, and the world inside that the characters of this concept album are experiencing. There are highs and there are lows. Sometimes we can control them and others we can’t—and that’s alright. Finding what brings you stability and happiness can take time, but it’s well worth the effort and time; because once you do—it’s a beautiful thing. Struggling with mental health issues ourselves has helped us find a position in which helping others enrich their lives and pushing to be a positive impact in our communities and world is what brings joy. We want to encourage everyone to be open to change and finding what they’re passionate about; to allow themselves to find happiness in hope. If you’re hurting, know that you’re not alone. This album has been deeply emotional and personal for us to write and cannot wait to share this with you all!” – Andrew Brittingham

Releasing on all DSPs on Friday, September 25, the band’s sophomore album, Escape Artist, serves as a prelude to Reverie, furthering its concept. Reprising his role with even more to show, Garret Rapp makes his return as Ninjen. Mixed and Mastered by Andreas Magnusson (Oh, Sleeper, Haste the Day, The Black Dahlia Murder), the album takes a much darker side compared to its freshman counterpart with Jonathan Gearing (The Devil Wears Prada) presenting a much deeper emotional space with programming and keys.

The story follows Amatera (Andrew Brittingham) as he struggles with toxic relationships, mistakes he will make and has made, and searches for Restitution, by creating a life of atonement. Ninjen (Garret Rapp) and Ajna (Jonny Craig) help our anti-hero, while captive upon a siren’s ship, find positivity and a healthy mental state in order to let go of the past and focus on the present and the future. Escape Artist’s themes of depression, self-harm, and mental health provide a deep dive for listeners as the heroes in the story make their way from darkness back to light.

Track listing:
1. Efficacy
2. Flexibility
3. Craftsmanship w/ Garret Rapp
4. Collapse
5. Consciousness w/ Garret Rapp (feat. Jonny Craig)
6. Interdependence w/ Garret Rapp
7. Abscond
8. Restitution w/ Garret Rapp
9. Clouds as Mountains (feat. Ranadi)
10. Confluence

Boy Becomes Hero: