VISIONS OF ATLANTIS Start GoFundMe to Support Tour Losses

Visions of Atlantis, who were on tour with Dragonforce and Unleash the Archers, have posted a GoFundMe to support their loss of funds from the tour at this time. This was their first tour of the United States in years.

Go here to support the band:

From Visions of Atlantis’ Facebook page:
Due to local legislation the rest of the US tour with Dragonforce is canceled as well as our headlining shows in New Jersey and Canada.

We are very sad and extremely disappointed that we can’t play in all the cities after having waited for so long to get a chance to come back to the USA.

This being said, this cancellation is a financial catastrophe for the band right now and it’s time to truly ask for your support.

You will find all the details regarding the band’s situation following this link below.

These times are very hard for all the bands out there who had to return home. Your help is more important than ever.

Please share with your friends. Thank you so much in advance.

With love,