UK Alt-Metal Upstarts VEXED Release Thrilling New Single and Music Video “Epiphany”

The UK’s most exciting new talent—fearless alt-metal upstarts VEXED—just released their second single “Epiphany,” cut from their upcoming album Culling Culture (out May 21 via Napalm Records). Accompanied by a brand new music video, their second offering features Megan Targett’s multifaceted clean vocal delivery juxtaposed with otherworldly auras, resonating, melodic rhythms and a bold message.

VEXED on their second single: “Learning to love and accept yourself can be an uphill struggle, especially in a world where people online are free to pick apart every inch of you. ‘Epiphany’ is a vulnerable yet cutthroat track about falling victim to self-loathing, battling mental illness, and finally discovering how to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks of you.”