THE SWORD Releases Rarity “Daughter of Dawn”

Austin, TX heavy rockers, The Sword have released a rare deep-cut, “Daughter of Dawn,” from their upcoming career spanning compilation releases Chronology 2006 – 2018 and Conquest of Kingdoms. The song was originally released on P-Vine 3010 Warp Riders (Japan, 2010) and serves as the epilogue to the Warp Riders story, originally intended as the final track on the album. It was instead included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of the album and until today was previously unreleased outside of Japan.

Both Chronology 2006 – 2018 and Conquest of Kingdoms will be released simultaneously on June 19th via Craft Recordings. Both collections showcase the technically dazzling, riff-heavy and far-reaching metal that the band has been known for since forming 15 years ago.