STORMRULER Announces Debut Album and Releases First Single “Reign Of The Winged Duke”

Sharpen your blades and prepare for war with fast rising USA black metal export STORMRULER. The St. Louis based two-man project—featuring the dark lyrical genius and deft skill of guitarist/vocalist Jason Asberry and drummer Jesse Schobel—has built a noteworthy subterranean following since their formation. Thus, the band has signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records and will release their stunning debut full-length, Under The Burning Eclipse, on May 28, 2021.

STORMRULER combines unrelenting black metal atmosphere and vision from varying metal genres with a brutal, modernized twist of inspiration culled from high-fantasy and history. Listen carefully, you may just be able to identify themes from some of your favorite stories, games and more.

Featuring 19 tracks alternating between ominous instrumental ambience and incendiary black metal riffs and fury, the album tells harrowing tales of war, death, victory and defeat, and delivers an unmatched, hellscaped auditory experience. This is proven evident on first single “Reign Of The Winged Duke,” a searing track made rich with blackened thrashy blastbeats, infernal riffage, and powerful progressions as it tells the tale of an immortal magical beast. Its accompanying video sees STORMRULER donning their finest armor and swords, readying for battle!
STORMRULER offers about the track:
“‘Reign Of The Winged Duke’ is a great lead off track because we feel it most strongly represents our overall sound. The imagery of the song lends itself well to video performance too!”