STEAL THE DAY Release New Single and Video for “Norway”

Orlando pop punks Steal The Day have premiered their latest single “Norway,” a knockout combination of big hooks and boisterous breakdowns.

Steal The Day has shifted gear from melodic metalcore to pop punk with their impressive quartet of 2020 singles. The end product is a series of defiant and high-energy anthems, with splashes of their heavier roots used effectively. “Norway” strikes a perfect middle ground, with massive hooks, weaving in between Jesse Smarslok’s potent heavy injections.

“Norway” is out now, worldwide, available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Finalizing their current lineup in summer 2019, Orlando heavy pop punks Steal The Day have emerged, new and improved, choc full of energy and palpable promise, with new single “Norway” following the successful release of summer anthem “Simply Crazy.”