SORCERER Releases Video Clips for Entire New Album Lamenting of the Innocent

Last week, Sorcerer digitally released their third full-length, Lamenting of the Innocent, via Metal Blade Records worldwide (the album is physically available in the USA now, with a new June 5th physical street date in Europe). For a preview of Lamenting of the Innocent, video clips for each song (directed by Daniel Wahlström – Heavy Groove Media) can be viewed here.

1. Persecution (intro) – n/a
2. The Hammer of Witches

3. Lamenting of the Innocent

4. Age of the Damned

5. Where Spirits Die

6. Deliverance featuring guest vocals by Johan Langquist of Candlemass!

7. Institoris

8. Condemned

9. Dance with the Devil

10. Path To Perdition