POWERMAN 5000 Frontman SPIDER ONE Draws Strange Things In New Video

Strap in, kids! Powerman 5000 singer/creative mastermind, Spider One, has made a new video for the primally creepy “Strange People Doing Strange Things” track from the band’s brand new album, The Noble Rot, available now!

Unlike anything this multi-talented frontman has created, Spider’s video is a wild roller coaster of Don Hertzfeldtian minimalist doodles mixed with David Cronenberg inspired body horror and sprinkled with pop culture references aplenty including sci-fi heroes, classic movie monsters, kooky aliens, droogish film icons, and one intrepid little housefly. This monumental undertaking was accomplished with nearly 3,000 separate drawings and took many months to complete.

Spider shared these thoughts about the video, “I’d like to say making this video was a labor of love but it really was a test of my own sanity. What started out as some simple ‘follow the bouncing ball’ animation ended up being a challenge to see if I could actually finish this thing. Just shy of three thousand drawings later, it is what it is. Next time I attempt an animated video, I will choose a shorter song!”