OPUS, Drummer of Dead By Wednesday and Owner of Indie Label Mindsnap Music, Releases New Book “Break When I’m Dead”

Christian F. Lawrence, known as “Opus,” the drummer and back bone of Dead By Wednesday, who also plays & tours with David Ellefson, Hail the Horns, & Earth has released an autobiography about his crazy life. The book talks about touring, recording, hanging with celebrities, being a reality TV actor, and even a stint on MTV!

Read about all this, plus learn about some taboo branches on his family tree, as well as some unbelievable twists and turns life has thrown at him, in his first book break when I’m DEAD.

The title break when I’m DEAD was taken from a DBW song off their DOA album. The book was co-written by Doug Esper who worked with Chuck Mosley of Faith No More. It features interviews and intakes by Bumblefoot (ex-Guns n’ Roses), David Ellefson (formerly of Megadeth), Brian Fair of Shadows Fall, Eric AK from Flotsam & Jetsam and many more metal giants in the rock n roll industry. The cover photo was shot courtesy of music icon Michael Alago and then designed by Melody Myers.

The book was published by Scout Media, which was established in 2013 and is an independent publishing company for aspiring authors and musicians. They have put out books so far for Jesus Jones, Dog Fashion Disco, & more! Check them out here: http://www.scoutmediabooksmusic.com/

You can pre-order & get the autobiography officially out NOW!!!

To buy the eBook now: https://books2read.com/breakwhenimdead

To pre-order the paperback: http://www.scoutmediabooksmusic.com/christian-opus-lawrence

The book will also be available at all Barnes & Noble and Walmarts everywhere!!

Break when I’m DEAD chronicles Opus and his trials and tribulations through touring, recording, and writing music, as well as his stint as a reality show star and the journey of being a father through an uncertain era of politics and a pandemic. Journey along with Opus to discover some of his unusual life and personal events, as well as a shocking family tree,” says Brian Paone (Scout Media).

“I’m super stoked on finally releasing my new book and ad author to my list of accomplishments. This has been a long process and in the works for a while so I’m glad it finally came into fruition. Everyone thinks they have an interesting life that should be in a book, well this is not just a stroke my own ego type book at all, I think a lot of people who read can not only relate, especially if you’re a musician but will be very surprised by some of the content. It’s always been a dream of mine to write a book and finally it’s done! I’d like to personally thank everyone involved who helped me make this a reality!” says Opus (drummer of DBW).