Deathtronica Duo LUNA13 Releases Video for Cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”

Hailed as “the bass music scene’s Slayer,” dark lord duo LUNA13 looks to spread their devilish delights in 2020 by signing to indie label COP International that will release the theatrical act’s upcoming LP on November 13. As the label home of Stabbing Westward, Deathline International, and Suicide Queen, COP International welcomes the addition of LUNA13 to bring a dark side to the industrial imprint with an act that is as musically unique as it is unapologetically provocative.

LUNA13’s forceful Black/Bass/Metal style incorporates elements of electronica, black metal and industrial rock with the incredible ability to cross over from electronica to metal without using any guitars. Dr. Luna, the duo’s demented musical maestro creates the voluminous sound solely with synthesizers and distortion pedals by wrapping heavy distortion around sub-bass. Frontwoman Lilith Bathory brings the spectacle with brutal vocals and trance-inducing dance moves behind her devil horns.

While LUNA13 works on new music for the upcoming November album release, they are sharing a harrowing new cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” that was released via Cleopatra Records. It’s the band’s first cover song and lives up to the hype.

Listen to LUNA13’s previous albums and singles here:

Says COP International founder Christian Petke, “LUNA13 is a perfect fit for our vision for the label. They are cutting edge in the truest sense of the word.”

Dr. Luna adds, “LUNA13 is super excited about joining COP International. Not only are they amazing people and great visionaries, we are fans of many acts on their label. We are overjoyed to have our name shared with such awesome bands.”