JULIEN-K and THE ANIX Release New Single “Your Lies Are Like Fire”

Beloved electro-rock artists Julien-K and The Anix have joined forces as a new band in a meta Alt-Universe concept for the powerful new track “Your Lies Are Like Fire,” pulling together a calculated blend of genres to deliver the best of both artists. The track is available now at https://fanlink.to/YLALF.

Pushing the concept to a all-encompassing experience, Julien-K and The Anix have also created an interactive music video, revealing a secret website url that can be unlocked through clues in the video, leading viewers to unreleased photos, a 4K download of the video and first-access to an exclusive dual-branded T-shirt.

The “Your Lies Are Like Fire” music video premiered Monday, May 10th via VEVO, and the track is live now on all digital music platforms via independent electronic rock label FiXT.

Discussing the concept of forming a “band” for a one-off track and video together as a unique expression of a modern collaboration, the artists gave insight into their creative process:

“We are constantly brainstorming ways to look at our artistic output differently. To treat it differently. Why are standard operating procedures “standard” at all? We have always thought that it was a shame that most songs artists create only get “one life” or one interpretation. If songs are lucky they get a standard “remix’ treatment, or later down the road they get covered by another artist with no input or collaboration from the original creator.

“We also believe the songs are more than “just a song”. We believe songs are the gateway to visual, experiential, and physical content that further define and describe the world we have created.

“We asked ourselves: how cool would it be if we took songs that we thought of as “finished and released”, and treated them more like an unfinished idea or interpretation – a demo even – and in some alternate universe we would be IN a band with a contemporary artist like Brandon (The Anix)? What would he do with free rein over the idea that we send? If, in some Alternate Universe, we were in the same band together, how would we then market and promote this new evolved interpretation of the song?

“This is when the Alt Universe concept got VERY interesting…” – Julien-K

“This is a new vision on what it is to collaborate between musicians in the current technological landscape we reside in. We call this the “ALT UNIVERSE”. We treated this project as if we were a full band rather than working as separate individuals, to combine our respective talents, technology, art, and resources to bring together a multi-dimensional experience. This is just the beginning, as we continue to form a syndicate of like-minded musicians to expand our individual possibilities.” – The Anix

Purchase/Stream “Your Lies Are Like Firehttps://fanlink.to/YLALF