CVLT OV THE SVN Shares First Music Video “My Venom” from Upcoming Debut We Are the Dragon

Today, CVLT OV THE SVN has shared the new single “My Venom,” a track that will send shivers down your spine! First evoking an eerie horror atmosphere in the verse, the mystical vocal performance of the project’s mysterious frontman leads into a sweet and seductive refrain shortly after.

As it often seems modern rock music has lost its sense of palpable danger and mystique, Finnish occult murder pop innovators CVLT OV THE SVN mark its return in full force with their grim, addictive first full length, We Are The Dragon. Slated for release on May 7, 2021 via Napalm Records, CVLT OV THE SVN’s debut embodies a reverberating sense of eeriness, danger and fear, enriched with a pinch of gothic romanticism and pitch-black seduction.

The mysterious visionary behind the cvlt, who actually started out as a black metal drummer, finally sets free his casket full of morbid horror theatrics. Inspired by movies like The Exorcist and the all devouring darkness itself, he also draws inspiration not only from the heavy rock genre and greats like Type O Negative and Turbonegro, but the nostalgic influences of mainstream artists like Roxette as well.

The anonymous band mastermind states:
“‘My Venom’ represents the issues within my soul. I think it’s important to go and face your fears, or they will rule you. The video has a dark mood, which is what I always want present in my work. I don’t do the videos with a big crew as I want my own vibe in them. I’m sort of a dictator in that sense. Spread the word!”