Vocalist/Composer CHARLOTTE WESSELS Releases New Single “Venus Rising” and Official Video

Dutch composer, producer, vocalist and gifted songwriter CHARLOTTE WESSELS presents her new and fourth single, “Venus Rising,” from her stunning upcoming full-length, Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II, out tomorrow via Napalm Records. Skillfully pushing genre boundaries, WESSELS has put her heart and soul into this new offering, making her spirit tangible with every note and transforming this album into a flawless immersion of rock, pop, metal and beyond—all produced, performed and programmed in her own Six Feet Under studio. 

Channeling her inner goddess, “Venus Rising” pulls audiences into the unique sonic Olympus of her musical sophistication. The captivating synth-flavored track combines rich musical styles – showcasing her unique approach and manifesting her own divinity with this song once more—honest, refined and truly limitless. “Venus Rising” is impressively underlined with an astonishing official music video.     

Read Charlotte Wessel’s Guest Editorial in Outburn #98 about Venus Rising

CHARLOTTE WESSELS on “Venus Rising”: “‘Venus Rising’ was inspired by Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus. Even though she was modeled after the ideals of her time, I take comfort from the fact that she never had to cover up or uncover, be louder or more soft spoken, grow bigger or smaller, but just rises from the waves and comes into power unaffected by expectations, regulations and injustices that reign in the real world. We recorded the video for the song last week, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the brave women of Iran, and how they’re fighting for their most basic human rights at this very moment. It is heartbreaking and in my mind the song is dedicated to them. #MahsaAmini”