Vocalist/Composer CHARLOTTE WESSELS Releases Profound New Single “Toxic” 

Dutch singer and symphonist CHARLOTTE WESSELS continues her impressive solo journey by releasing her newest single, the profound “Toxic,” from her upcoming second full-length album, Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II, out October 7, 2022 via Napalm Records.

Within this immersive piece of rock, pop, metal and beyond, CHARLOTTE WESSELS’ artistic talent shows no limits on Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II. Carefully crafting lyrics, instrumentals, vocals and even mastering production, her artistic and intellectual sophistication is beyond compare. Besides her own prominent creative impact, the album also features delicate guitar work by DELAIN ex-band colleague Timo Somers.

It might be easy to get lulled into a false sense of security by the relaxed opening beat of her latest single, but do not be fooled: CHARLOTTE WESSELS’ takes no prisoners on her newest single, “Toxic.” The track starts with suspenseful, magical sounds that, together with challenging lyrics, offer a perfect symbiosis. The ambient sounds are completed with hard guitar riffs and growling screams. Staying true to her metal origin, CHARLOTTE WESSELS, proves once again that she does not care for limitations! Effortlessly, she combines various genres making versatility her trademark as she introduces an atmospheric sound with explosive potential.

CHARLOTTE WESSELS on “Toxic”: “‘Toxic’ is a direct response to the populism, greed, misogyny and victim blaming that come screaming from our screens on a daily basis, and with the recent overturning of Roe v Wade, it has sadly become only more relevant since its initial release on Patreon. I hope you like the song but I mostly hope the issues it deals with will be a thing of the past before I am.”