Atmospheric Black Metal Duo IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Debut New Song, “Transcendence”

Atmospheric black metal duo, Imperium Dekadenz, are set to unleash their brand new magnum opus this Friday, August 30th with Napalm Records. When We Are Forgotten dives deep into a complex cosmos made of anger, loneliness, melancholy and pure destruction. The band’s upcoming record not only convinces with a dynamic, energetic and organic production and sounds by no means polished, but is the same rough and dark as their home, the Black Forest, itself.

Only a few days ahead of the official release, Imperium Dekadenz are sharing with us another fierce track taken from When We Are Forgotten. Listen to “Transcendence”

Says the band: “This song came to us like magic. Everything was there from the very beginning. A gift from a world beyond. TRANSCENDENCE – a piece of music that shows perfectly the progression of IMPERIUM DEKADENZ. Progressing into darkness far off the ways and paths, far off the safe shelter, you will find the enchantment of obscure wonders and… TRANSCENDENCE!”