AD INFINITUM Releases Official Video for “Fire And Ice”

Symphonic metal fire-starters AD INFINITUM continue their triumphant march to conquer your mind! Today, the band emphasizes their magnificent mysticism by revealing an atmospheric music video for “Fire And Ice,” cut from their marvelous debut album, Chapter I: Monarchy. Plus, don’t miss the chance to discuss the video with AD INFINITUM themselves at 4pm CET via live chat on YouTube!

The video was taken from a very special concert in order to satiate the desire for dearly missed live performances, and even showcases some exclusive behind the scenes material. The full show will be available for streaming beginning October 9.

“Fire And Ice” marks another epos that represents the band’s diversity and passion for what love doing the most. The energetic and equally melodic tunes of the vigorous ballad perfectly illustrate the heart-wrenching tones of AD INFINITUM.

AD INFINITUM on “Fire And Ice”:
“2020 started with its amount of disappointments. Our plans got cancelled and we were very sad that we couldn’t present our debut album the way we initially wanted to. But in the end not being able to play live shows in front of an audience forced us to be more creative and to produce more content to share with the world! And that’s what we did. “Fire and Ice” is the first result of this work. Other surprises will come later this year including a complete live show on October 9th!”