GORGEOUS COMBINATION OF METALCORE AND HARDCORE: When it comes to unique post-hardcore acts such as SETYØURSAILS, there is no signing on the dotted line for what genre they are trying to pull off. From the first listening experience, “Mirror,” to the last, “Sorry, Not Sorry,” Nightfall via Napalm Records is metalcore, deathcore, and classic hardcore elements that are beautifully intertwined so seamlessly that you hardly realize that you just listened to them all in one sitting.

From the opening “Mirrors,” SETYØURSAILS sets the tone for what the rest of what Nightfall has to offer. With buzzing guitar lines, tight percussive energies, and massively talented multi-ranged vocal control, “Mirrors” opens the gates for an exciting listening journey.

Another massive soundscape that stands out on this album is the heavy magnum opus “Ghosts,” featuring Rudi Schuwazer of Annisokay. From its beautifully put together cinematic intro to how it transgresses into the rest of the aggressive nature of the track, it quickly stands out as one of the most elegantly crafted highlights of the album.

“Secrets” is another sentimental and deeply touching track that will have severe replay value. Delving into the relationship vocalist Jules Mitch had with her mother and alcoholism, it’s a moment that shows that they have the capacity to open up, but still maintain the melodicism and heaviness that has been extensively engrained throughout.

Other gems such as “Forgive Me” take the album to another level of depth. Lyrically delving into losing someone close to you and how you’re not willing to save them, SETYØURSAILS digs further into their personal and emotional state of mind and delicately takes it to a place the album has not gone yet up to this point.

“What’s Wrong” is another juncture that will have an impact on listeners, as it has a universal appeal of not being able to cope with your own emotions and letting others in. While there are a few breathtaking numbers such as “Deadline” on this record, “What’s Wrong” has a more melodic appeal as opposed to most of the songs and provides a bit of a break from the heavy nature of the album.

Nightfall is a personal and deeply touching album that goes beyond musical diversity, beautiful multi-range vocals, and intimate lyricism. It’s a record that isn’t afraid to be bold and vulnerable about past trauma or even the current demons that hold us down. If they continue to pursue highly personal and massive magnum opus moments such as this one, SETYØURSAILS most definitely has a bright future. ~ Sammie Starr