POLARIS: Fatalism




METALCORE: Within the metal scene, the power of Australia’s talent has shown in particular with the talented band Polaris. Rising to international success, Polaris has proven since its 2017 debut album, The Mortal Coil, that while the band is still youthful in its career, a sense of maturity has risen from the past six years spent perfecting and evolving its craft.

Polaris’ new release, Fatalism, has propelled their musicianship to new heights and goes into the interpersonal dimensions of fear, an emotion that can either split or unite people. Shaped by the sense of despair and dystopia that has plagued our world the past few years, an overwhelming sense of powerlessness hangs in the balance against a backdrop of aggressive energy, as Polaris dives into a world of angst and catharsis. 

From the opening, Polaris lets the hammer down with the first track, “Harbinger.” A heavy and immersive experience soaked in metal and synths, the band makes an imposing impression that sets the tone for the rest of the record. 

While only the second track of the album, Polaris continues to deliver a wall-to-wall unique instrumental experience with “Nightmare.” A gorgeous combination of aggressive and melodic textual elements punches through the rest of Fatalism, making each song a treat to enjoy. 

“Parasite” brings a different kind of aggression into the mix with its unabated percussive energy and raw-throated passionate vocals against semi-industrial/electro distortion, creating one of the many welcoming moments on the album. 

Fatalism lends itself to softer moments with “Overflow” and “With Regards.” Still keeping within the vein of the heavy nature of the album, Polaris combines a distinct stripped-back and emotional energy on this track, showing a level of depth and evolution to its sound. 

Other junctures that shock and awe on Fatalism are the spitfire junctures, “Inhumane” and “The Crossfire.” Showing that the band can instantaneously switch musical moods yet still keep the emotional beast of the album intact proves how much Polaris has developed and improved its sound and songwriting.

“Dissipate” and the contrasting softer “Aftertouch” continue to drive the knife-edged and emotional resonance that shines throughout Fatalism, showing a technical and intrinsic grasp of utilizing melodies and vocals that stay with the listener before the album comes to a close with final tracks, “Fault Line” and “All in Vain.” 

One of the best listening experiences before coming to the final track, “Fault Line” is a massively addicting guitar experience that keeps its torrid energy flowing front to back before arriving at the closer, “All in Vain.” With an onslaught of multilayered synths, deep resonating drums, and monstrous guitars, Polaris creates one of the most gravid experiences to end the album. 

Fatalism is a beautifully wrapped package of ruthless instrumental twists and turns underpinned with the most gorgeous melodies the band has created to date. Polaris has made one of its finest albums with this darkly atmospheric voyage. ~ Sammie Star