The Unknown



MELODIC ROCK/METAL: California melodic rockers Edge of Paradise used its time wisely during the global pandemic to create its fourth full-length album The Unknown. Featuring vocalist Margarita Monet, guitarist Dave Bates, bassist Ricky Bonazza (now with touring bassist Justin Blare), and drummer Jamie Moreno, the band’s brand of catchy cinematic rock/metal is commercially appealing, while also metallic and edgy enough to attract the most hardened of metalheads. The 10 easily digestible tracks—decorated with industrial, electronic, and classical influences—are loaded with massive hooks, infectious choruses, pulsating grooves, and mesmerizing melodies. Plus, Monet’s dynamic vocal range hits that sweet spot every time she opens her mouth.

The album kicks off with “Digital Paradise,” a song about exploring afterlife with the help of technology. Decorated with a pulsating rhythm and industrial/electronic elements, the catchy chorus reels the listener in with its pop flavored harmonies, while Monet’s demure vocal pattern—mixed with her higher register—is very infectious. The highly energetic “My Method Your Madness,” with its swirling carnival like keyboard melodies, gives the track a manic and dynamic vibe that fits the lyrics very well. Several of the otherworldly tracks consist of a sci-fi vibe and involve science vs. technology storytelling. Lyrically, much of the album touches upon what our future might look like with technology, such as on “You Touch You Die,” which is about artificial intelligence. One of the heaviest tracks on the album, “False Idols,” also explores the band’s sci-fi concept even further.

Produced by Howard Benson (Halestorm, My Chemical Romance, Seether, etc.), together with Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, Three Days Grace) and Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace), helped the band craft a massive sounding album—with stellar mixing and mastering by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat, Pretty Maids). On The Unknown, Edge of Paradise has hit its stride. With well crafted songs, good musicianship, a fantastic vocalist, and a strong production team behind them, things have never looked better for the band. ~ Kelley Simms