AGGRESSIVE EDM: Celldweller is an electronic music trailblazer who has made a name for himself in the synthwave and EDM genres. Having released four successful studio albums within his 20 year career, Celldweller spins into the void with his new aggressive, otherworldly fifth release, Satellites

Satellites starts with a powerfully immersive experience, “Into the Void.” A five minute excursion of EDM distortion and heavy rock elements uniquely intertwined, “Into the Void” is zesty experimentation at its highest form, as Celldweller takes us through several more engaging moments within a collective multi-genre listening experience of electro rock bliss. 

High-octane energy chaser “Blind Leading the Blind” keeps the momentum going for more heavy hitter moments on the record, like “A Matter of Time.” With a crashing wave of ethereal exuberance, sweeping synthesizers, and raw vocal intensity, Celldweller delivers a high-speed listening journey that keeps Satellites fun and intriguing for what will come next. 

Other junctures, such as “Electric Eye,” are distinct and inviting, keeping everything upbeat and refreshing, as accelerated drumbeats, atmospheric prowess, and texturized vocals make for a satisfying third to finale experience.

The album ends with the multi-faceted “The End of the World.” Gathering all the best elements of what the veteran of the industry has mustered up within his fruitful career and dialing it up tenfold, Celldweller brilliantly emphasizes all of his talents and delivers a gorgeous and confident close. 

Satellites is altogether a solid release and delivers futuristic vignettes of what we can expect moving forward from the electro experimental innovator, demonstrating that his creative talents have not gone astray and that the pioneer of EDM still has much more to give to the genre. ~ Sammie Starr