BLUES PILLS: Lady in Gold – Live in Paris

Lady in Gold – Live in Paris



HEAVY BLUES: It may seem premature for Blues Pills to release a double live album after only two full-lengths and as many EPs, but the Swedish heavy blues quartet has graced us with 15 of its finest tunes, captured on stage in the City of Light. Lady in Gold – Live in Paris draws from all of the aforementioned releases, from 2012’s Bliss EP to the 2016 full-length Lady in Gold. More than anything, this collection shows just how many great songs they’ve knocked out in that time, and how they’ve grown from a promising throwback heavy blues group to a full-blown beast that incorporates psych rock, Motown, and classic soul into the mix, separating them from the pack of heavy Swedish retro rockers. Elin Larsson’s singing evokes the scratchy charisma of Janis Joplin and the full-throated emotion of 60s Aretha Franklin just as well in concert as it does in the studio. She’s front and center here, but her bandmates bring equally raucous performances. Dorian Sorriaux rips out serious Hendrix jams, while Zach Anderson and André Kvarnström keep the bottom end swinging hard and Rickard Nygren delivers on the organ swells. There’s nothing especially revelatory here, but the live arrangements help add an extra burst of energy. It’s a great introduction for new fans and a blast for those already on Blues Pills’ medication. ~ Jeff Treppel