Influences and Essentials: THE VINTAGE CARAVAN In Their Own Words

Photograph by Hörður Sveinsson

On the 11 diverse tracks of Monuments, out April 16, 2021 via Napalm Records, this modern prog/psych trio from Iceland will truly cast a spell on fans of bewitching, guitar-driven classic and blues rock influences. 

Guitarist and lead vocalist Óskar Logi Ágústsson shares with us The Vintage Caravan’s main influences and his band’s essential tracks.


Deep Purple: “Speed King”

“I vividly remember hearing this for the first time when I put the album on at my aunt’s place when I was nine-years-old, and I just couldn’t believe that the album started with a trash can ending—it blew my mind. That delicate Hammond organ chapter takes you to heaven and then that heavy riff kicks in, and oh my god, I was hooked. Of course, the solo chapters with their jazzy/classical feel just sealed the deal even more.”

Gentle Giant: “Peel The Paint”

“This track made me an instant fan of Gentle Giant. Every band member played five-plus instruments, and this track showcased their string abilities. I was in awe when I heard that they played all those instruments themselves. When that heavy complicated riff kicks in and leads into a freeform blues rock guitar solo accompanied with the drums alone, man, I was so into it. It changed the way I thought about song structure and what I thought was achievable and possible.”

Captain Beyond: “Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)”

“The mixture of complexity and heaviness really had a big impact on me. There’s one guitar run in the second half that is so fucking spot on—really fast and tasty! That entire first album really did a number on me, haha! Amazing band.”



“I really love this song and I am very proud of it. It’s a very personal song and it seems to reach people in a different way than our other songs do. Often when we play this song, I see people shedding a tear, which is quite moving.”


“We allowed ourselves to go full-on on this one. It contains a lot of chapters, movements, moods, sound effects (like slamming doors and wind), and just the joy of playing together. Very proud of this one!”

“On The Run”

“I like that we took a risk with this one. We took our songwriting up a notch on this track. It was a single and it seems to be the biggest track from Gateways amongst our fans. Always a joy to perform live!”