Exclusive Track by Track: TELLING SECRETS’ Massive Debut Album Telling Secrets I

Drawing on influence from across the width and breadth of rock, Telling Secrets unites scintillating riffs, arena ready breakdowns and soaring injections of melody on massive debut LP, Telling Secrets I. The new record is an all-filler collection of uplifting modern rock, with Kovacs drawing inspiration everything from metal to pop; punk to emo.

Led by Vik Kovacs and based between London and Los Angeles, alternative rock emergent Telling Secrets has burst onto the scene with a string of outstanding singles. 

The introduction to the album comes in the form of an instrumental Frankenstein-esque work, which is a combination of bits and pieces from “(Wake Up) Full Moon,” as well as additional production from Dan Lumb. 

“(Wake Up) Full Moon”
The working title for this song was “Pizza,” as I was writing music late at night and thought if I can come up with something before my delivery arrives I’ll keep it. Heavily influenced by the Prisoner of Azkaban, Blade, and the Winter Soldier, we have a very special music video to accompany the song. I wrote seven or eight different choruses for this, trialing each one with Matt McAndrew (of Rain City Drive) until landing on the finished version that is out today. The music video for this was shot by Industrialism Films, who have worked with Cradle of Filth, Black Veil Brides, and We Came as Romans. 

“Tired of Waiting”
Potentially my personal favorite. It’s a song about being fed up with waiting for the right time and an acknowledgement of patience being tested. Vocals engineered by Rachel Blum (Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B) and additional production by Elliot Polokoff (Cemetery Sun). 

“(They Say) Bliss Is Oblivion”
Strong (anti-political) song against the authorities with the main message being that you are happier if you are unaware of what goes on around you. “Freedom’s agenda is feed propaganda,” meaning freedom is controlled by the authorities. This was Alyx Holcombe’s Track of the Week on BBC Introducing Rock on BBC Radio 1. 

“Case Closed”
Music video coming soon for this. Written, directed ,and edited by me [Vik Kovacs], this song was a late addition to the album. It’s a Batman influenced noir detective story. Includes probably one of the most interesting, genre bending bridges out there with a heavy breakdown swiftly moving into a jazz bridge.

I entered the Petöfi Radio award with this song and won the Single Award. It’s presented by the Hungarian National Radio Station called Petöfi Radio, and the prize was to get three tracks mixed and mastered by a producer they pair you up with.

Produced by Dan Lumb as a segue into “Bad Dreams” using parts recorded for “Bad Dreams” plus additional production. 

“Bad Dreams”
Originally released in 2022, it seems to be a favorite amongst listeners. A mix of radio rock with ambient verses. 

“Fall Behind”
Reached the semi-final in the UK Songwriting Comp and International Songwriting Competitions 2022 and won first place in the rock category in the Indie International Songwriting Network competition. Funnily enough, I think this was the easiest song I ever wrote and also the very first song that ended up being used for Telling Secrets. I wrote all the lyrics in one night, starting at around 1 a.m. and finishing at sunrise. I think every single original lyric made the song without edits. Straight up radio rock song.

Straight-forward pop-punk song. This song has the deepest personal meaning to me. I wrote it during Covid because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see my best friend again due to lockdown. I tried to deliberately conceal the identity of my best friend, as I think the song is quite relatable, but now I’m ready to say that it was my dog, Sam. I released the single version of the song on his birthday.

Themes of self-loathing and contained frustration weaved into its lyrics. The frustration is aimed at myself just as much as it is at others who have (in my view) done me wrong. It’s a message to myself that I can do better, I have drive, and will never back down from a challenge. Even if I am battered and bruised, I will get up and go on.

Strong mental health rock song. I’d rather not say what I wrote this about exactly, but it’s heavily tied to time passing, the dark corners of the mind, the anxiety that commands my thoughts late at night, and self-destructive behavior. The short form videos for this track were recorded in my living room, using green screen, edited by myself, after about two months of messing around with 3D software.