Exclusive Track by Track: The First Five Songs from the Debut Album In Color from SUITABLE MISS

Denver hot prospect Suitable Miss explores the width and breadth of what it means to be a pop punk band in 2022, with debut album In Color. The young quintet showcase glistening pop sensibility, melodic punk hooks and blistering metalcore breakdowns across their rookie full-length.

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  • “My absolute favorite song on the record. Not only is it an honor to have Christian from Settle Your Scores’ on this song, but this one has some of my all time favorite riffs and melodies we’ve done.” – Andrew Elofson (Guitar)
  • Andrew and I let loose on this one, making those chugs and riffs as sick as possible. The breakdown is SO extra, but dang it’s so much fun!” – Tom Hanson (Drums)
  • Disaster is a very fun and upbeat song that I was introduced to by Andrew. I’ve always loved the synth and the movement in this song so it’s a perfect opener for shows.” – Sarah Perez (Vocals)
  • “This song sets the tone for the album as a whole. Disaster was originally written to be the first song on the album. Not only does it get listeners excited for what’s to come next, but it is instrumentally the most complex song! To have Settle Your Scores feature on our song is a dream, as the vocals mold so nicely together.” – Kelsey Gant (Bass)
  • “One of my absolute favorites on the record. When we started this we immediately knew it was the opener. The riffing is up there as one of my absolute favorites to play and I find myself jamming it in my spare time. The addition of Christian (BLVDES) was the cherry on top and added a nice juxtaposition to Sarah’s vocals.” – Noah Sauls (Guitar)


  • “This song is so much fun because at live shows I can always get the audience dancing along to it. I always say “if you’re going to dance at all tonight, now is the time to do it!” and people go wild!! Tom, our drummer, had a huge hand in writing this one and then the band got a hold of it and made it more “Suitable” for us. I think this song takes a different perspective than most of our other songs. It’s about being okay with leaving a bad relationship.” – Sarah Perez (Vocals)
  • “I wrote this song starting with a Full Metal Alchemist reference just for fun, and it turned into a fantastic song about being confident in your own value and knowing you left as the better person. I love the back and forth in the chorus, and the synth driven breakdown in the middle.” – Tom Hanson (Drums)
  • “I absolutely loved writing this song. This one originated from a demo that Tom had actually started back before he had even met any of us. “Gone” was one of our first attempts at bringing in more electronic and synth elements and I think this one really set us on the sonic path towards creating the sound for the rest of the album.” – Andrew Elofson (Guitar)
  • “Gone to me, for some reason, is just plain fun. The love, loss, and coping that each of us go through, translated into a lighthearted pop/pop punk really gives me a feeling of being a teenager again. Andrew’s lead in the chorus is definitely top 5 lead guitar parts on the record” – Noah Sauls (Guitar)
  • “Gone” was one of the first songs written for this album. We had waited for the perfect time to release this song and felt that it flows well with the true meaning of the album. Gone is one of those tracks that can get anyone up and dancing, no matter what genre you like. It is definitely a fun song to both play and see a reaction from listeners.


  • “The meaning of our song “Forever” really comes down to being in a toxic relationship and holding onto it, even when you know it’s bad for you. The self-convincing can be catastrophic to your mental health. I think this song really dives into your mental state when you’re contemplating something so big in your life. It really shows the back and forth. The lines “I’ll hold on forever” and “Lie to myself like it’s nothing new and I can’t see my way through the ugly truth” have always spoken to me the most. I think especially in the past couple years I have grown so much to be able to call myself out if I’m doing something that isn’t healthy for me anymore. Ultimately in your life you have to learn to take care of yourself first, everything else can come second.” – Sarah Perez (Vocals)
  • “Forever” was written as a reminder that your own self worth is one of the most important things. Holding on to something so toxic and negative (like a relationship) will do nothing but tear you down and get worse over time. The lyrics “Finding every reason just to stay but deep down I know I can’t find the home I’m looking for in you” were written to show how sometimes you might feel as if you can’t ever live your life without that person, but only keeping them in your life will tear you down. We are so honored to have Joshua Roberts from Magnolia Park featured on this song. He fit in perfectly for the vibe of the song.” – Kelsey Gant (Bass)
  • “Still can’t believe we were able to make this one happen. Working with Josh from Magnolia Park on the song and the music video was unreal and I could not be happier with how the final product turned out.” – Andrew Elofson (Guitar)
  • “The ballad! This one is a very different texture than our other songs. Groovy but still moody and introspective. Joshua Roberts was a blast to work with for the video and his voice is absolute sweetness! Fun fact about this one, I got rid of the original solo at the end and rewrote it that night to what you hear now! This one adds a nice slowdown spot on the record that for the most part is very high energy!” – Noah Sauls (Guitar)
  • “Great feature on this track! Chill and understated, it provides a good contrast in this album. My favorite part is of course Noah ripping that beautiful solo at the end!” – Tom Hanson (Drums)


  • “Coming to the top 40s near you! This one was written near the end of the writing cycle for this record and we had really dialed in a nice blend of pop vocals and heavy guitars. The little synth melody is infectious. We love mixing melancholy lyrics with what would generally be considered happy melodies. Dan (Boy Hero) was the perfect addition, his and Sarah’s voices fit so well together translating the longing that we tried to convey with this one.” – Noah Sauls (Guitar)
  • “Fun story: I met Dan (Boy Hero) randomly at a concert I had flown out to in Los Angeles back in 2019! We stayed in touch throughout lockdown and eventually our conversations led to collaborating on a song! I like to think of this song as the perfect pop song for people who don’t like pop music. This song has the catchy hooks and the synth lines that get stuck in your head, but it’s also in Drop C and has more than a few chugs in the song. Dan and Sarah compliment each other SO well and I think this one might be my favorite collaboration on the record.” – Andrew Elofson (Guitar)
  • “This man can sing! This song primarily came from Andrew introducing it to us, and again us making it more “Suitable” to fit our album. I really enjoy this song because the vibe is so positive and looking towards the future rather than contemplating whatever struggles are happening currently. I am so excited to do this one live more often because it’s a song that I just feel good singing.” – Sarah Perez (Vocals)
  • This track on the album really shows how much you can drag yourself down. This song is one of those songs that sound happy as a whole, but the lyrics are more on the sad and negative side. The bass lines on this track are honestly so fun to play, and unique compared to the rest of the album. We are so thrilled to have Boy Hero featured on this song. Both Andrew and Boy Hero worked together to find a song that fits both of our desired sounds.” – Kelsey Gant (Bass)
  • “One of my favs on the album. This was all Andrew, he basically sent us the finished track and immediately I knew it was going straight to the album, no notes! And Boy Hero even jumped on the track, could we ask for more? – Tom Hanson (Drums)


  • “For those who don’t know, I’m a huge gear nerd. This song actually originated solely from the delay riff you hear at the very beginning of the song. I was messing around with Archetype Nolly by Neural DSP and the intro to Something Missing just kinda happened! This was one of those songs that came together super quickly because everyone had so many great ideas once I got the demo finished and presented to the group.” – Andrew Elofson (Guitar)
  • “Something Missing” is one of the first songs we have ever written with Noah, our guitarist. When Noah joined the band a few years back we all sat down and try to find a song that represents us all as a whole. This one was a whole group project trying to perfect it for the album.” – Kelsey Gant (Bass)
  • “I think this song really represents the feeling you may have after a relationship ends. The feeling that tells you you wasted so much time. When you’re with somebody you spend so much time and money and resources with them. Sometimes it’s worth it but sometimes it’s not. This song is about really reevaluating your relationships when you’re in them because life is so short. You should always spend your life with people who make you a better person and who you can make a better person.” – Sarah Perez (Vocals)
  • “Another beatstick of a song. I love the riffing on this one in contrast with the plucky synths and the high guitar lead. The chorus really hits home on this one for me personally. This is another one I’m very excited to see in a live setting, especially with the group vocals after the breakdown!” – Noah Sauls (Guitar)
  • “I call this the alarm clock song, just clip that first 20 seconds and GOOD MORNING! I love that polyrhythm in the second verse, so smooth.” – Tom Hanson (Drums)

Suitable Miss will head out on tour through May and June, in support of the new record; full dates can be found below.

5/22 – Denver, CO @ Globe Hall
5/26 – San Antonio, TX @ Pick’s Bar ^
5/27 – Houston, TX @ Scout Bar ^
5/28 – Dallas, TX @ Amplified Live! ^
5/30 – Tulsa, OK @ Foolish Things+
5/31 – Springfield, MO @ Odyssey+
6/01 – Wichita, KS @ Muse Meridian Center+
6/03 – Greeley, CO @ 2454 West+
6/04 – Colorado Springs, CO @ Vultures+
6/24 – Rock Island, IL – Skylark QC ~
6/25 – Lincoln, NE – 1867 Bar ~
6/26 – Overland Park, KS – Vivo Live ~
6/27 – Oklahoma City, OK – Aces of 8 ~
6/29 – Odessa, TX – Cactus House ~
6/30 – Albuquerque, NM -Launchpad ~
7/01 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater ~
7/02 – Fort Collins, CO – The Coast ~
^ – supporting Van Full of Nuns
+ – w/ City of Auburn
~ – supporting Calling All Captains

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