Exclusive Premiere of NEON COVEN’s New Single “I’m the New Hit”

Photograph by Anabel DFlux


“A direct inspiration from all the badass women in our lives. Don’t take any shit. We will always have your back, and you are loved,” says vocalist Anthony Montemarano about the song “I’m the New Hit.”

Channeling the dance of the undead and playing songs distinguished by atmospheric synth melodies, lush guitars, and melodic vocals, Neon Coven is equal parts tragedy and beauty. Their anthems of love, loss, life, and death are delivered with the passion that only comes from someone that has lived it. 

From Los Angeles, CA, Neon Coven abandoned much of the ethos of the tradition of heavy rock to create an intellectual and theoretical sound, linked to an emphasis on anthemic, synth-heavy dance-rock. The band is comprised of Anthony Montemarano (lead vocals), Jacob Bunton (guitar/bass), Ace Von Johnson (guitar), and Kyle Cunningham (drums). 

The debut full-length album Future Postponed is a journey through the unknown, looking to find a light in the darkness. Produced by Jacob Bunton, the album features 11 tracks ranging from songs about survival and balance to emotionally charged anthems of empowerment. The album is a dedication to the fallen and broken who refuse to back down and give up on their dreams. The songs live in the space between challenging the need for certainty and, ultimately, learning to accept uncertainty. 

“The idea behind the music is to connect, create, and inspire,” states frontman Anthony Montemarano. “Between the cradle and the grave, the elements of life lie in the process and the adventure. These songs are the result of that journey.” 

“These songs reflect on life and coming to grips with our own mortality,” adds guitarist/bassist Jacob Bunton. “The only guarantee we have in life is that one day it will end. It’s up to each of us to create our own destiny and live life to its fullest. The world is full of ups and downs, but I’ve always believed in the Rocky Horror quote ‘if you can dream it, you can be it.” 

Future Postponed is set to inspire, intrigue and terrify all at once,” states guitarist Ace Von Johnson. “The material within runs a musical gamut, in which we as a band proudly exercise our ability to take bold strides in diversity. From dance pop to goth rock, each song will take you twisting down a new road. I’ve worked on a lot of albums in my career, and thus far, this is the one I’m most proud of.” 

“This record is a melting pot of different styles of sound that somehow blend together in one cohesive package,” adds drummer Kyle Cunningham. “After you hear one song, you’re singing it the rest of the day, and then you’re hooked!” 

Future Postponed is coming fall 2020!