Influences and Essentials: LEAGUE OF DISTORTION

League of Distortion unites to defeat the shadows cast upon the music scene with their fresh sound and style. Back in 2017, Anna Brunner celebrated remarkable international success with her symphonic metal band Exit Eden and has now teamed up with notorious guitarist Jim Müller of renowned heavy metal band Kissin’ Dynamite. Together, they’ve formed one of the hottest new modern metal bands of the year, combining their signature sounds to create a powerful soundscape. Now, they are ready to fight the darkness yet again with their recent full-length, the self-titled debut album, League of Distortion.

“With this debut album, we lay the cornerstone of League of Distortion. Processing the cruel and capricious reality, with straightforward, provocative and very personal topics, we are distorting perspective and creating tremendously powerful music. League of Distortion is here to stay and we welcome you to be a part of this from the very beginning.”


LinkinPark: “Intheend”

Huge influence. The biggest real band since the year 2000. Great Sound, awesome vocals, and mixture of heavy sounds with rap. Represents our preference for new metal.

Architects: “Animals”

Great band, live as well as on record. Good example of the metalcore sounds we like to use.

The Prodigy: “Smack My Bitch Up”

First encounter with electronic music, which was highly successful and played live with a band. Also, the music video is original.


“Wolf or Lamb”

Our first release ever. It’s catchy with a very melodic and symphonic vibe to it. Lyrically, it draws from an ancient tale addressing the listener directly and asking questions like, “Are you a wolf or a lamb?”

“My Revenge”

Raises the bar in heaviness. It has more aggression to it and the riffs are rougher. It has a “if you’re treated bad, stand up for yourself and defend yourself” message to it, an empowering attitude.

“I’m a Bitch”

The most polarizing, subversive, and provocative song, on purpose! It has an alternative and electronic sound, so we grab the attention to get the message across that men and women are still treated with different measures.