LADYTRON with Danz CM, The Belasco, Los Angeles, CA, 09.22.2023

with Danz CM
The Belasco
Los Angeles, CA 


The opening act this night was electronic artist, Danz CM. Throughout her entire set she donned a plastic poncho and baseball hat, doing her best to hide her face, a rather confusing choice considering that she rebranded herself from Computer Magic because she wanted to shed her shy girl skin. 

After a short set change, Ladytron—Helen Marnie (lead vocals, synthesizers), Mira Aroyo (vocals, synthesizers), and Daniel Hunt (guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizers)—arrived on stage. Ladytron took us on a wild ride through their extensive catalog, with a slight emphasis on their newest studio album, Time’s Arrow, opening with “City of Angels” and “Faces.” Psychedelic and mesmerizing images completely covered the entire electro pop band, as they were projected onto the screen behind them throughout the entire set, creating a whole and complete audio-visual experience. 

The two hour set continued with “Ghosts” (Velocifero), “Deadzone” (Ladytron),“True Mathematics” (Light and Magic), “The Animals” (Ladytron), “Flight from Angkor” (Time’s Arrow), “Soft Power” (Witching Hour), “USA vs. White Noise” (bonus track on 2001’s 604), “Misery Remember Me” (Time’s Arrow), “International Dateline” (Witching Hour), “Fighting in Built Up Areas” (Witching Hour), “The Island” (Ladytron), “Paper Highways” (Ladytron), “Discotraxx” (604), and “Ace of Hz” (FIFA II Soundtrack). 

For their encore, Ladytron started with “California” (Time’s Arrow), then went on to “Playgirl” (bonus track on 604), “Seventeen” (Light and Magic), and the final song of the night was “Destroy Everything You Touch” (Witching Hour).