Exclusive Premiere of AL1CE’s New Video for “Bottled Truth”


“Bottled Truth” is off AL1CE’s upcoming album As Above, So Below, which will be released later this year.

“The Gate” by LA Street Artist Miles Toland

Explanation of the song from vocalist Tash Cox: “‘Bottled Truth’ is one of the songs we wrote in Joshua Tree as part of the As Above, So Below album. We teamed up with Praheme (https://www.praheme.com/about), a really incredible filmmaker here in LA to tell the story and direct the music video. As you know, during the time of our last virtual tour, the Black Lives Matter movement started sweeping across the world, and we were especially moved here in LA. We shot this video with him during the last virtual tour and teamed up with an incredible group of artists to make this happen in the middle of the pandemic. The video is a snapshot of a very important message for us and also represents what life is like for us in LA right now. We hope to help voice a message of unity and to help spotlight our friends in need.”

From the director Praheme: “Collaborating with the AL1CE project has been an amazing experience. They gave me the creative freedom to interpret the powerful song and lyrics from the “Bottled Truth” and allowed me to tell a story that speaks to the world today.

I was deeply inspired by the recent protests of the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that have sparked the entire world to make a change. I wanted to capture that energy along with stress and chaos of the pressing pandemic in poetic manner. We see this through the eyes of a young Black woman collecting ‘truths’ from everyday Americans to later set them free.

In this time of masks and face coverings and even before covid, people move through their lives keeping their thoughts and emotions concealed, and it only causes more suffering and pain. The ‘Bottled Truth’ video is a call to action for all concerned humans to speak their minds. To share their truths loudly and proudly, because we know silence kills.

We are all humans. We are all related. Regardless of skin color, sexual identity, or religious affiliations, we all deserve to be treated with respect and human dignity. I am We. I firmly believe in the South African proverb that reads, ‘I am because we are. We are because I am.’ Black Lives Matter, and that’s one truth that can no longer be bottled.”