Exclusive Track-by-Track: Dopamine Dealer EP from AMERICAN STANDARDS

Sometimes strong emotions can make you lose focus. That’s not the case for Phoenix, AZ based hardcore band American Standards.

Since their inception 10 years ago, American Standards has had to overcome its share of adversity. After losing their founding guitarist to suicide and lead vocalist Brandon Kellum’s father to cancer in quick succession, the band has successfully channeled the troubled waters of loss while incorporating sharp and at times witty social commentary that offers a conduit to acceptance.

Dopamine Dealer EP is out now on Manic Kat Records.

“The Dealer”

It’s easy to make excuses for putting off taking the first step towards something you want. More often than not, the real reason is self-doubt. “The Dealer” is about throwing caution to the wind and believing in drive and perseverance over fate. We’ve been a DIY band for the better part of the past decade. No money, limited connections, and debatable talent. That’s never stopped us from giving it everything we’ve got though. If it wasn’t for that mindset, I wouldn’t have had the majority of experiences and friends that I’ve made through them. We have no delusions of grandeur, but the band makes someone say, “I want to do that,” or, “Check out these jackasses. I can do better.” I’d love to know it’s inspired someone to take action.

The Vagrant”

This song is a message to the fame chasers. The insincere and the uninspired. You’ve taken the first step. That’s always the hardest. Now use that motivation to make it count.

The Tourist”

The Tourist explores themes of consumerism and legacy. It’s easy to get lost chasing things that don’t really matter. That instant gratification quickly fades though and often results in the search for the next hit of dopamine. I’d like to think a more resonating legacy is left by the impact you have on others.

American Standards is:
Brandon Kellum – Vocals
Corey Skowronski – Guitar
Steven Mandell – Bass
Mitch Hosier – Drums