THE NEARLY DEADS Release Frisky Anthem “Punk Rock Kitty Cat”

Hot on the heels of the palpable incineration of “Can’t Make You Change,” alternative rock outfit The Nearly Deads has announced the release of “Punk Rock Kitty Cat,” a raucous two minute, fan favorite anthem that’s long been in the band’s canon. Ripe with double entendres and delicious metaphors, the song sprints with an infectious groove while fully self-aware of its Felidae phonetics.

Look at mee-OW!
Cause I’m a punk rock kitty cat
Looking fierce and acting frisky
Punk Rock Kitty Cat
Taking naps and lapping whiskey
Punk Rock Kitty Cat
Gettin’ faded, catnip wasted

“‘Punk Rock Kitty Cat’ is a fun, campy homage to our punk rock musical influences. It’s all about being your own unique self and realizing that you are purrfect just the way you are! It’s about clawing your way through the noise of the world and coming out on the other side totally confident and powerful!” offers TJ, The Nearly Deads inimitable vocalist.

In conjunction with the release of “Punk Rock Kitty Cat,” the band will launch a Patreon ( with an album-specific fundraising campaign to follow.