STATIC-X Teams with Deity Creative Mastermind Eddie Yang for New Mechanical Evolution of Xer0 Mask 

After making global headlines with the announcement of their eighth studio album Project Regeneration: Vol. 2, industrial music icons Static-X have partnered with master costume/prop maker Eddie Yang and his Deity Creative to evolve the look for guitarist/vocalist Xer0. Eddie Yang is a movie industry veteran known for his work with “Avatar,” “Iron Man,” “Man Of Steel,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “Robocop” and “Terminator: Salvation” to name just a few. Eddie Yang got his start working with Academy Award® winners Rick Baker and Stan Winston before branching out on his own in 2006 with Deity Creative. The updated Xer0 look – including the new mask and wardrobe – was the result of a collaboration between creative director Edsel Dope and Ed McDonough from ECCO Studios and Eddie Yang. The idea for the new mask and overall image update was born out of a desire from Static-X to evolve Xer0’s look to match the theme of The Rise Of The Machine Tour. Xer0 will unveil his new look live on February 25 th in San Francisco, CA and The Rise Of The Machine tour runs through April 15th.

“I have always been a metal fan and have listened to Static-X since their first release Wisconsin Death Trip. I am honored to contribute to Wayne’s legacy and to work with the band on their incredible vision for evolving Static-X and Xer0 into something that is truly unique. This project finally combined my passion for character design and metal music into one big check-off the bucket list!” exclaims Eddie Yang.

“Eddie is a genius” says Xer0. “We wanted to evolve the Xer0 character into a more cybernetic/robotic figure for the Rise Of The Machine Tour and Eddie absolutely fucking killed it!!!!!!!”

“Eddie took the mask to a level that we never imagined possible, and we are so stoked with the result,” adds Tony Campos