SEETHING AKIRA Drops Fiery New Single “Smile Thief”

Six piece UK electro-nu-core rockers Seething Akira have announced their sophomore album Dysfunctional Wonderland, with the album on pre-order through independent record label FiXT Radium. The album has been announced for release on September 3rd, with the third single leading up to the release, “Smile Thief” available immediately.

Pounding rhythms, crunchy guitar riffs, and a no-holds-barred vocal delivery pour fuel on the fire of Seething Akira’s searing new track, “Smile Thief.” The song’s powerful delivery and provocative lyrics provide an instantly impressive creation with relentless attitude.

“‘Smile Thief’ is essentially a giant middle finger to those who go out of their way to bring negativity and stress and mental torment to others unnecessarily.” – Seething Akira