Heavy Metal Icons PRONG Celebrate New Album with Lyric Video for Title Track

This Friday, October 6, PRONG’s new album, State of Emergency, hits the streets! To celebrate their eagerly anticipated 13th release, Tommy Victor and the guys have shared a new lyric video for the album’s title track, following up previous acclaimed singles “Breaking Point,” “Non Existence,”and “The Descent.”

With heavy metal perfection, “State of Emergency” shows off this quintessential band’s unique blend of thrashy, punky, face ripping rock — emblematic of what the entire record has to offer.

Tommy comments on the track:
“The title track ’State of Emergency’ is a bit of a classic PRONG style groove metal track but heavier. It features the last lyric written for the album. I wanted a song that summarized some of the other lyrics .One that would direct the cover art as well. What we get is this depiction of the Orwellian, dystopian reality we are facing. It’s all rather dark, threatening and heavy!”