PALAYE ROYALE Release Music Video for Anti-Gun Violence Anthem “Massacre, The New American Dream”

Indy rockers, Palaye Royale have released the highly anticipated music video for their punk rock protest single “Massacre, The New American Dream.” The song, that was released last month, and the new accompanying official music video directed by drummer Emerson Barrett released today, sees the band taking a stand against the national gun violence epidemic.

Literally putting their money where their mouths are, the band will be working to raise awareness for some of the largest US organizations dedicated to tackling the gun violence in the US — Everytown, Giffords and March For Our Lives. They have also released limited edition long-sleeve t-shirts to accompany the release of the song, a portion of proceeds from the sale of which will also be donated to Giffords and March For Our Lives. Fans can purchase the single here, purchase the t-shirts here and donate directly to Giffords here and March For Our Lives here.

“Massacre, The New American Dream” asks the poignant question “Why are we so casual ‘bout these casualties?” Since it’s release last month, the track has been featured on 12 major streaming playlists including Spotify’s New Music Friday (in both US and Canada), Rock This and All New Rock, Amazon’s Fresh Rock, Fresh Noise and Rock Scene, Deezer’s Hot New Rock and YouTube Music’s Rock Hotlist and Your New Alternative.

Speaking on the song and the new video “Massacre, The New American Dream,” Palaye Royale say:

“This is a protest. In hopes to give this new generation a revolution in the form of an anthem. We are all on the verge of waking up and truly understanding that people should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people. This is how we feel about the current state of America. We are the new era, United we stand, in search of retribution ​for​ those ​who have been wronged.

We are tired of seeing innocent people being gunned down so unbelievably often and still there is no change. How many more innocent people have to die for change to happen? Government and the news share no sort of resolve or actions of change for these problems​. This is why we have chosen to donate proceeds from the single sales to Giffords and March For Our Lives who are on the front line, fighting to tackle the gun violence epidemic our nation currently faces. We encourage our fans to take a look at the incredible work they do and either ​purchase the single, ​donate​ directly​ ​​or learn how to get involved at and

We put forth our creative anger to depict the current state of our civilization. Our protest song is titled ‘Massacre, The New American Dream’. It speaks to the fact that there seems to be more kids growing up to become famous for school shootings than famous for anything else in America. “In every Church, School and Synagogue, Virginia to Littleton when will it stop?”. We asked ourselves this question each time we see yet another mass shooting broadcast across our TVs.

There is a shadow that looms over this generation, “What is the New American Dream?” To our understanding, “It’s a Massacre.” Enough is enough. United, we can be the difference.

To learn how to end gun violence go to

– Palaye Royale  (Daniel Curcio, Emerson Barrett, Remington Leith & Sebastian Danzig)