LOVEBITES Share New Song “Holy War”

LOVEBITES—five Japanese women who have shocked power metal to life—have shared the brand new song “Holy War.”

“This is the first song in the history of Lovebites that all of us wrote the lyrics together,” the band says. “In being involved as lyricists, we chose the track composed by Mao, a composer outside of the band but who has worked with us on all our albums so far. The lyrics are very straightforward with a message—‘We fight the darkness and evil for Heavy Metal.’ It is a symphonic power metal song with emphasis on the strings.”

The song lives on the group’s new album Electric Pentagram, out April 24 via Red River Entertainment/BFD, in partnership with JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Group and distributed by The Orchard in North America.

“We are very excited that our new album Electric Pentagram will be released in the U.S. and Canada,” Lovebites said upon announcing the record. “This new album has made our bonds as a band stronger than ever. Lovebites is an electric pentagram. A pentagram is a five-pointed star consisting of five lines. It’s been an emblem that’s adorned amulets and talismans since ancient times as a symbol of protection. That’s why we felt Electric Pentagram is the perfect title for this album. We are five points brought together to protect heavy metal. We hope you will enjoy the album!”