Influences and Essentials: RESOLVE In Their Own Words

RESOLVE—vocalist Anthony Diliberto, bassist Robin Mariat, and drummer Nathan Mariat—has released Between Me and The Machine, out now worldwide on all streaming platforms via Arising Empire. To celebrate this phenomenal debut, Robin Mariat tells us the band’s biggest influences and Resolve’s essential songs to hear.


UNDEROATH “It Has to Start Somewhere”

I’ve been a fan for a long time now, but Erase Me came out right as we were starting to write our album, and it was the moment Anthony really got into Underoath and started taking influence from them. They took some risks on this album and that is something that always resonates with us.

HANS ZIMMER “No Time for Caution”

The whole Interstellar soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece of sound design, and yet it’s also so simple and organic, absolutely incredible.


The three of us are in awe of this album. It blends metal sounds with so much more—many layers and contrast, and the vocal performance is one of a kind. Landon Tewers is one of the best musicians in the scene currently in our opinion.

THRICE “For Miles”

It could have been any song from Vheissu honestly, but this one happens to be Anthony’s favorite, and Thrice has always been a huge influence to him. You can definitely hear it in his vocals, and a lot of guitar arrangements in our music have these sort of multilayered melodies that Thrice does so well.

GOJIRA “Global Warming”

My all-time-favorite band and one of their top songs. The bass guitar has such a huge role in Gojira’s music, with some very memorable motifs, which is kind of rare in metal.


“Of Silk and Straw”

This is the one track that changed everything for us and started to put some eyes on Resolve. Understandably so, it’s a non-stop heavy song with an awesome main riff that’s so fun to play.


When we started sending the album to our team, everyone went crazy about this one while we thought it was gonna end up being a filler track. With the insight we have now, it’s actually one of our best songs and the vocals perfectly showcase Anthony’s range.


Our favorite chorus we’ve written, the chord progression is very much not metal but that’s exactly why we love it. Some quality riffs in there as well.

“Beautiful Hell”

We debuted this song on a livestream show supporting our friends in Landmvrks, and that was one of our finest marketing ideas, so many people watching the video absolutely loved it and were eager for its release a few days later. We’re especially proud of the atmospheric verse on this one—very textured and eerie.

“Emerald Skies”

The heaviest Resolve track yet, and definitely a new fan favorite. We played our first show back a couple of weeks ago and the breakdown was definitely a highlight of the set. The music video is definitely worth a watch too!