Modern Metal Unit INFECTED RAIN Reveals Empowering Track “Lighthouse” with New Music Video 

This Friday, February 9 marks the release of INFECTED RAIN’s already acclaimed sixth modern progressive metal opus, TIME, via Napalm Records! In celebration of this week’s release, the band has revealed their next single from the album – the empowering and intense “LIGHTHOUSE.” The track arrives with an eerie music video, providing a thought-provoking visual atop the track’s massive grooving guitars, ethereal verses and intense auditory shifts.

INFECTED RAIN says about “LIGHTHOUSE”: “From the shores of our minds to the reality of our lives, ’LIGHTHOUSE’ represents a power that we hold inside of us. This track reminds us that the universe dances to the rhythm of our thoughts. All our thoughts are waves in the endless galaxy of creation. It’s a call to stay strong, to remain devoted to your dreams, and to realize the potential of what you can create. In the grand clockwork of TIME, every second is a chance to surf through your reality, shaping it with the power of your mind. Join us on this journey through TIME, where each song is a tick towards a reality crafted by you, for you.”