GIZMACHI Announces the “Gizmachi Take Over!” Virtual Release Party

Modern metal collective GIZMACHI will celebrate the release of their long awaited sophomore album, Omega Kaleid, out tomorrow, with a virtual album release party this Sunday, March 14.

Omega Kaleid is GIZMACHI in our purest form,” says bassist Kris Gilmore. “We held nothing back!”

Guitarist Jay Hannon comments on the highly-anticipated release, “Sixteen years. It feels like a lifetime has passed since we released The Imbuing in 2005. So much has changed between then and now… With us, with music, with the world, etc. But one thing has stayed constant: Our music. Yes, it’s more focused and more mature, but it still sounds like us. There are many reasons why this record took so long to come out, but we’re not here to make excuses. Omega Kaleid is GIZMACHI at our finest. GIZMACHI on steroids. Unrelenting, uncompromising, unadulterated and unfuckwithable.”

The virtual release party is scheduled for Sunday at 3 p.m. EDT on the Johnny Beane YouTube channel, which also hosts the monthly “It’s Metal Wednesday! LIVE!” series, hosted by GIZMACHI’s Hannon and Brian Busam. Join the “Gizmachi Take Over!” at

“As the host of the ‘Gizmachi Take Over!’ I can sum up this show with one word…Celebration!” Busam says. “I could not be more proud of my brothers on dropping one of the best metal albums in years! Join us to learn what went into the making of the album, have a few laughs and prepare for a special guest you won’t want to miss!”