EPICA Unveils Live Music Video for “Victims of Contingency” and Simone Simons Unboxing Omega Alive

Despite the recent postponement of their European tour and ongoing pandemic, Dutch symphonic metal legends EPICA have erected an unmatched monument to the live music scene this year with Ωmega Alive. Out in stores today, the new release is available in several audiovisual formats, such as DVD, BluRay, 3LP vinyl gatefold in various colors, earbook, and boxset. The latter contains five beautiful 10″ records with a zoetrope print. You can have a look at all the different versions of the release in a new unboxing video featuring singer Simone Simons.

Simone comments: “Here it is! Our latest and greatest EPICA show in the history of EPICA; ΩMEGA ALIVE. We are beyond excited about this release, in which we can all relive our most special show to date. We wish you a lot of musical moments and hope that you don’t wake up the next morning with a headbang hangover ;)”

With spectacular stage effects, dancers, acrobats, and accompanying storyline, Ωmega Alive drags the viewer right down into the magical rabbit hole, and with the latest single “Victims Of Contingency,” you can get ready for fire, fog, AND rain.