Death Metal Legends HELLWITCH Sign with Listenable

HELLWITCH are currently finishing the songwriting of their brand new album to be recorded this spring for a late 2019 release date on Listenable.

Hellwitch main songwriter and band founder Patrick Ranieri comments on the new album as no other could do: “After a decade of strategic planning and musical manipulation…the new Hellwitch album will bombastically obliterate all those who have survived our previous releases! The album will contain a maelstrom of barbarity spanning from 1985 to present! Crowning tracks such as ‘Anthropophagi,’ ‘Delegated Disruption,’ ‘Solipsistic Immortality,’ and the song ‘Hellwitch,’ will reveal what true, pioneering Florida deathrash really is! Make no mistake, ear plugs can’t save you! Satan won’t save you! Even the bomb shelter beneath your city’s center will provide no protection from this monarchical metal mysterium!”

Hellwitch sound more ferocious than ever with outstanding dexterity and singular sound that has remained inimitable to this day. The Florida death metal legends are back for good.