BURNING WITCHES Reveals New Guitar Player

The mighty BURNING WITCHES are back with a vengeance! The Swiss all-women heavy metal band is joined by the powerful new witch Larissa on lead guitar. The ladies are also working in the studio on a new single at this moment, release day for the brand-new track and the video will be September 17th!

Larissa, former ANNA LUX, GOMORRA, and PATER ILTIS, welcomes the fans: “Hey Burning Witches fans all around the world, I am unbelievably excited to join the coven on lead guitar! We all share this great passion for heavy metal and an almost lifelong friendship. I have followed the girls since the start and I will do my very best, to live up to the expectations as a witch. Let’s continue this journey even stronger together! I’m ready to fight!!”

Meet new lead guitarist Larissa in an introductory trailer:

The girls are very happy to be a complete band again, and are looking forward to new adventures! Romana adds: “We are very happy to introduce our new witch Larissa! We are a full circle again and it feels really fantastic. Thanks to everyone who applied to play with us, there were so many great girls, it was overwhelming. We went for the girl who is a close friend, an amazing person, and a skilled and experienced player. We hope you give her a sensational entree, we know our fans are as excited as we are! We love what we do and want to continue our path now, with regained strength and friendship!”

Stay tuned for more details of the upcoming single and more witchcraft.

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